Halle Produktion

Mission Statement

We are a medium-sized family-run company that has been producing technical springs for over five decades - exclusively 'made in Germany' and with high precision.

Our corporate policy combines traditional values such as reliability, collegiality and trust with advanced technology and qualified employees. To express this metaphorically: Our company is like a technical spring. There are constants (traditional values) and variables (technology, know-how and management policies continuously adapted to current and future developments). Therefore, we can deform elastically when the conditions change, without breaking.

The technical springs, which we produce, move machine parts, close switching contacts, create form-fit connections, or distribute loads. Therefore, they are indispensable in numerous industries such as mechanical and plant engineering, environmental, information and medical technology, as well as the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. And they will continue to be essential.

Therefore, we focus on sustainable corporate development and continuously invest to keep the 'machine' running for future generations.

Particularly, we are guided by these values:

Quality: It's not without reason that we confidently add "Factory for Precision-Made Springs" as subtitle to our company name. As a team, we fully support this and make every effort to achieve a zero-defect level in all company processes.

Team: There are no individual players within our organization; we work as a team with and for each other, not against each other. We treat each other with respect, openness, and on an equal footing, reflect on our work, take decisive action, and assume responsibility.

Management: All our leaders serve as role models in terms of responsibility, reliability, and competence. They act cohesively, proactively, and goal-oriented. Our flat hierarchies enable direct communication, swift decision-making, and flexibility in responding to changes.

Continuous Improvement: Excellence can always be improved. That's why we constantly challenge our ways of thinking and explore new avenues. Changes are seen as opportunities, not threats. We embrace opportunities for continuous learning - even from mistakes. Everyone has the chance to develop themselves in line with professional requirements and personal aspirations.

Communication: We speak openly and honestly with each other. Everyone expresses their expectations and asks for clarification when something is not understood.

Safety: Our employees are our most valuable asset. Through targeted and verified measures for workplace and facility safety, we ensure their protection and the preservation of their health. Through strategic measures we also proactively prevent errors in quality and environmental protection and have established a risk management system.

Customer Satisfaction: Meeting our customers' expectations regarding the quality of our products and services not only satisfies them but also motivates us over and over again.

Environmental Protection: For us, economic viability and environmental protection are not opposing principles of entrepreneurship. They are harmonized by the management, with the aim of conserving resources and minimizing the environmental impacts resulting from the production and use of our products within the bounds of economic feasibility.

Success: Economic success and personal fulfillment are the declared goals of our collective actions. Profit is essential for our company's continued existence and the long-term security of jobs.

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