Compression springs

Compression springs

Compression springs are parts of valves, switches and control systems among others. They are indispensable components for mechanical engineering, hydraulics industry, automotive industry, measurement and control technology and so forth.

Depending on the application scenario, we customize compression springs with regard to load, deflection, relief and fatigue behavior, stress level and so on. Among others, we vary material, wire diameter, spring length, shape, pitch and surface treatment.

If you have special requirements regarding compression springs please share your ideas, technical drawings or samples with us. We support you with the development, design and manufacturing of your components – be it single piece, small batches or big series.

Tight index springs are one of our specialties. They allow for components to be built smaller at increased power transmission.

Compression springs are capable of carrying highest dynamic loads and thermal stress thanks to shot peening, heat treatment and setting. Our springs go through a multilevel quality control which include tests regarding length, load and angle. This guarantees lowest tolerances (< quality grade 1 according to DIN EN 15800).

Your benefits:

  • Tight coiling
  • Angle accuracy according to your requirements
  • Only limited loss of relaxation
  • Automatically chamfered inside and outside
  • Optimum shot peening
  • Only little residual dirt

Technical details (Quality grade 1 and 2 according to DIN EN 15800)


  • Patented drawn (EN 10270-1), oil tempered (EN 10270-2) or stainless spring steel wire (EN 10270-3)
  • Special materials such as Hastelloy, Nimonic

Wire diameter (d) from 0.2 to 12.0 mm

More information about our material.


  • Cylindrical, conical, biconical, barrel-shaped (concave)

Spring ends

  • Closed end or middle coils, reduced ends, increasing pitch, ground or not ground, chamfered (inside or outside), barrel finish

Coatings and surface treatment:

Shot peening, electroplating, Delta Tone, Delta Seal, others on request