Federn Services


Expertise, know-how and quality across all stages of development and production.

Technical advice

Our experienced technicians and engineers assist you in selecting and designing compression springs and torsion springs that fit your requirements best. The service includes among others:

  • Advice on spring steel
  • Application-specific design according to sample, drawing or assembly situation
  • Determination of spring characteristic curve, spring rate, relaxation and fatigue strength
  • Advice on surface treatment

Spring design

We design compression springs and torsion springs of different DIN standardized or special spring materials considering:

  • Type of stress (static, quasistatic or dynamic load)
  • Load frequency
  • Working temperature
  • Relaxation
  • Buckling strength (only compression springs)

Additional services:

  • Technical drawings
  • Feasibility check
  • Providing samples
  • Construction of prototypes
  • Small and large series production
  • Express delivery
  • Consignment stock
  • Kanban