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Code of Conduct

As of July 2023

For the sake of simplicity and improved readability, all personal designations apply equally to males, females, and non-binary individuals.

As a medium-sized family-owned company, ecological, social, and ethical values have always been an integral part of our business ethos. Due to the globalization of supply chains, defined standards are more essential than ever. Therefore, we, the Reiber GmbH, have encapsulated them in this code of conduct.

It unifies our company's own guidelines and principles with social and legal frameworks. The social, ecological, and ethical provisions listed below encompass factors we can influence and apply to all our business areas. They draw equally from national regulations as well as relevant international standards such as the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights and conventions to combat child and forced labour.


This code of conduct defines the fundamental requirements for our employees and business partners and is intended to assist in making the right decisions in situations of uncertainty and questions. It is the basis for all our business relationships.

  1. Human Rights
    We respect international human rights within our sphere of influence and explicitly reject any form of human rights violations, including forced and child labour.
  2. Occupational Health and Safety
    The safety, health, and well-being of our employees are of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we always adhere to the applicable laws concerning occupational safety and health.
  3. Working Hours and Compensation
    When it comes to regulating working hours, we comply with national labour laws and ensure fair compensation at least at the industry-standard minimum wage level.
  4. Non-Discrimination Policy
    We do not tolerate any form of discrimination in our company. All employees must be treated equally, and we categorically reject harassment and bullying.
  5. Prohibition of Corruption and Bribery
    We do not tolerate corrupt behavior. In our relationships with business partners, we neither offer nor accept any gifts or favours with the intent to influence business decisions or gain an otherwise improper advantage. This applies to both tangible and intangible gifts or favors.
  6. Environmental Responsibility
    Our actions are driven by the aim to minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment. We have implemented an environmental management system according to the requirements of ISO 14001.

The key areas of our environmental management focus on:

  • reducing emissions
  • using energy efficiently
  • avoiding waste

Through the implemented ISO 14001 environmental management system, we have committed ourselves to the following, among other things:

  • defining an internal environmental policy
  • implementing, documenting and continuously developing our environmental objectives
  • meeting all legal obligations
  • using energy and resources efficiently
  • regularly training our employees

More about our environmental commitment.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

The obligation to adhere to this code of conduct is derived from applicable laws, our company's mission statement, and the internal regulations of Reiber GmbH. Failing to comply with the guidelines will result in consequences in accordance with the applicable provisions.

Reporting Violations

To report violations of this code of conduct, please send an e-mail to compliance@reiber.de. We treat all reports with strict confidentiality.

Tim Reiber,
Managing Director

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